Location: ShoreRider 2168 Avenida De La Playa

Eye witnesses report.  "I was absolutely horrified at what I witnessed, and then I tried the poke myself and 'Mon I can't be mad at cha." said RastaMom who was there eating lunch with her kids.

With Pokémon GO spreading like wild fire around the nation. Hot spots like ShoreRider located near frequented tourist areas (La Jolla Shores) are the ultimate spot to sit, eat, and Pokémon Go. Stop tripping over sidewalks and falling off cliffs people. We have a ton of lures and rare Pokémon right here. Eat some Poke and catch some Pokémon. 

Come find dozens of Pokémon at Shore Rider today!

*No Pokemon were injured in the making of this article. Just delicious raw fish and beer.