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Best Places to Surf Before Stopping by Shore Rider!

Best Places to Surf Before Stopping by Shore Rider!

San Diego is amazing for many reasons, but one of the best things about this SoCal locale is our 70 miles of coastline, which stretches from Mexico to North County, and is home to some of the best summer-surfing around. But with more than 100 San Diego surf spots it’s hard to know which ones to make time for. To help you out, we thought we would put together an insider's list of the best, local, summer surf breaks. Then, when you are done for the day, head on over to Shore Rider in La Jolla Shores for cold craft beer and delicious beach-eats like fish tacos, poke, burgers and more.

La Jolla Shores
This wide, San Diego beach hot-spot is known for having a sweet, little break, making it ideal for beginners and longboarders. The waves generally get larger as you head north towards the pier. The Shores can get crowded on the weekend, but get here early on a weekday and enjoy the chill break.

Getting There: Park in the La Jolla Shores parking lot and head out anywhere.

Blacks Beach
This hidden beach off the La Jolla coast is known for two things: world class waves and nudity. That’s right, not only is Blacks the only nude beach in San Diego, but as a surf spot it’s know for hollow, fast, powerful waves, best suited for experienced surfers and pros.

Getting There: Park near the Torrey Pines Car Port and walk down trail until you hit beach. It’s a bit of a hike.

This historical surf break in La Jolla enjoys a wave-amplifying offshore canyon along with a broad swell window which makes this an incredibly dependable spot. Waves generally range from two to 12 feet and are often hard to read and shifty which means this spot is best suited for the more experienced surfer.

Getting There: Head down Nautilus St from La Jolla Blvd, towards the beach parking along Neptune St.

This North Pacific Beach surf-spot is known for its classic waves and friendly crowd. Suitable for all levels, Tourmaline is filled with chill, experienced surfers as well as beginners. Three different waves define this spot, including the north wave (called Old Man’s), the center channels, which are smaller but faster on the inside and Pumphouse on the south side which is a classic beach break.

Getting There: Easy-peasy…head down Tourmaline St from Mission Blvd.